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DisAbility Mama is more than just a company or a brand, it is a movement. By joining the DisAbility Mama movement, you are helping us build a global community that aims to celebrate, honor, empower, encourage and educate moms and other caregivers of children who have special needs; for who they are and what they do; inspiring them to go further than they ever imagined possible.

Whether it is attending a DisAbility Mama event, reading one of our books, contributing to the Mama Says blog, obtaining much needed information from our crowd-sourced global resources database, connecting with other DisAbility Mamas through one of our social media sites, or wearing the DisAbility Mama gear, this movement is about you and it is here for you.

Because we have just launched, we do ask for your patience; as we build the community, adding more resources, information, apparel, accessories and much more. But if we don’t know who you are, then we can’t alert you as these things become available. So go ahead, register, and let us make DisAbility Mama & Co. the movement that is truly about you and for you. From one DisAbility Mama to another……it’s that important!