Parents of children with special needs, chronic health issues and disabilities need many things from great health insurance to more sleep.  But when asked what they need more than anything in relation to their child’s care, education and well-being, the number one response is resources.  Have you ever heard a special needs parent say, “I spend every night on-line trying to locate the right……”; “If only I knew that existed.”; “How did you know to go there?” Perhaps you have said it yourself… I know I have. No matter our children’s age or diagnosis, having access to the right resources at the right time is critical.  And since most of us are not professional researchers, who have the time and knowledge required to do this well, having the information sourced by special needs parents for special needs parents just makes sense.
DisAbility Mama understands that every situation is unique.  Our aim is to crowd-source as many resources as possible from around the globe in hopes that you will find just what your child needs when he/she needs it the most.  We have asked all submissions to be categorized by geography, disability type, and age of child, followed by topic using the form below. 
From your submissions a Resource Database will be created and posted on this page, so be sure to come back and visit.  In reviewing the database, in many cases you will find the contact information for the submitter should you want to contact that person directly.  As this is very new, we hope you will be patient with us as we begin to build this most important database. 
As a thank-you to all those DisAbility Mamas who help us source this very important information, anyone who submits a post will be entered into DisAbility Mama & Co’s monthly giveaway! Good luck! (Only one winner per month.)