Shortly after starting my newest company, DisAbility Mama & Co, a close family member asked me, “Why is it that everything you do has to do with disability? Every one of your businesses, every non-profit you have started, every organization you volunteer for, etc.”
I had a few thoughts in response.
1.       Are you kidding me?  Really?
2.       How after so many years (25), can it be that you still don’t understand?
3.       It’s my calling – it’s what I was meant to do.
4.       There is so much needed in this space.
5.       How cool is it that everything I get to do in some way benefits my girls and/or others like them?  
6.       Why should I even have to explain?
After rapidly considering each of the above silent thoughts, I responded by saying, “I guess it’s because I love my girls so much, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”  The response?  “Well, you’re girls are lucky because I doubt most people would do that or would even want to and she walked away.”  I’m the lucky one.  I wear the DisAbility Mama shirt and hat proud and say it loud, “I’m a DisAbility Mama.”